I have known Dave for over 10 years, and he is the most energetic, expansive and creative systems-level thinker I have worked with. What sets Dave apart for me is his fearlessness in sharing his lived experience, grounding his command of theory in application and practice and lessons-learned!
— Jim, Medical Library Leader
The way David goes after the thorniest, most complex problems, with energy, creativity, and
a unique sort of self-deprecating humor, is really inspiring.
— Sarah, Higher Education Research Administrator

More Testimonials

David is brilliant! He quickly understands how your existing learning programs operate within existing organizational systems and how your people engage with them. Then his brilliance comes through as he conceives, designs, and implements improvements that increase effectiveness and/or heal the ‘problem’. His ability to step back, see the layers and interdependencies of the systems, and to imagine iterative solutions is awe inspiring to watch and be part of.
— Becky, Talent Management Executive