Doing the things
you don't believe you can.

David Wedaman Coaching and Consulting provides coaching and guidance in radical change: showing you and your team how to do things you don't believe you can.  

Individual Coaching

  • Immunity to Change (tm) and Lectical (tm) Certifications

  • Deep experience with education, engineering, and technology leadership

  • Difficult personalities and rebellious individuals particularly welcome 

Team and Organizational Challenges

  • Specializing in high-growth, high-change, in-transition organizations, and organizations facing existential threats

  • Able to assess cultural, learning, organizational, and human systems both quantitatively and qualitatively

  • Expert design and facilitation of learning, conflict resolution, and problem-solving engagements

Training in A Wide Variety of New Ways to Work

  • Design Thinking, Dialogue, Scrum, Sociocracy, Structural Dynamics, Vertical Learning, Creative Problem-Solving




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