Reports & Whitepapers

Embedded Consulting, the Music Academy, and The Three Identities. 

This consulting report chronicles work we did with a small nonprofit specializing in non-traditional music education. We designed a survey with a particularly important "deep values" component, used qualitative analysis of survey results to get at core identities in the organization, identified several organizational challenges and strengths, and advised on ways to address those challenges.

Flat and Vertical Learning: Robust Leadership Development at Minimal Cost

This research report compares flat learning and vertical development. Supporting vertical development is the best way to increase leaders' ability to handle complexity, a crucial skill in the modern world. And the best way to support this growth is through the use of a radically effective new kind of tool: formative developmental assessments.


Figuring Out What's Going On For People: Simple Qualitative Analysis

This concept paper explains why it is so important to find out what is going on for your staff, and offers a practical way to do it, by tapping the power of online surveys and simple inductive thematic qualitative analysis. Sounds complicated, but it ends up being manageable and fun

Will Kempe’s Players: A Sociocratic Case Study

This case study, undertaken in conjunction with Collum Goff of Unicorn Grocery, assesses the implementation in a spunky performing arts nonprofit of a radical new way of organizing people to do work--Sociocracy--that promises to help people be inclusive and fair and also get things done efficiently. 

Decision-Making as Dialogue Container: Action and Trust

This consulting report (currently in development), will describe a successful recent project: to design a decision-making, or governance, process that got the right things done while at the same time served a "container" allowing honest, truthful, trust-building conversations.